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First Week Back at Classical Conversations

This was the first week back at Classical Conversations(CC). Last year was  our first year and it was only Donovan and I. This year I am a tutor again along with my husband and 4 our of the 5 kids that are in school have joined CC. Julia is in Challenge IV Jonathan is in Challenge I Donovan and Malachi are doing Foundations. Diana is still on her track with doing dual enrollment with Liberty University Online. McKynzie is helping me tutor the Master’s Foundations class at CC and helping me with teaching her older siblings. She is also learning to crawl, we are also doing some baby ASL with her. 

Yesterday was our first day and the boys were so excited to be back and see old friends and make some new friends. I was a little nervous on teaching the oldest age for Foundations but quickly found out they are so much fun and totally had a blast with them. They taught me a new review game, we shot some darts at our timeline cards and more. 

For my class new grammar we did hand motions for History. These are the hand motions for History. #1, Hold up the pointer finger and move it back and forth. #2, Hold up the first two fingers ( pointer and middle finger) bend to look like kneeling. #3, hold up three fingers and hold them over your mouth. #4, hold four fingers up and then bring the other hand up to it to make praying hands. #5, hold five fingers up and then put the thumb to the forehead for father and then to the chin for mother when and then when we say “land” we move our hands in front of us to show land. 

For science I used cycle one week 1 that Kepple created on CC Connected. I cut it up and we raced to see how fast tables could go. Next week I will have enough for all the tables yesterday we only enough supplies for two tables not three. 

We did some chanting for Latin.

In english we raced to see how fast we could say it while still being clear in our pronunciation of the words.

At home we use CC Connected Sandbox and its really helpful for our memory work for the week. They also put a lot of great resources in the Sandbox for us parents as well. 

If you would like to see the hand motions or see more here is my YouTube link for week one cycle one