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Leaving Classical Conversations

Why we stopped Classical Conversations:

Last year we started Classical Conversations with Donovan who just turned six years old. At that time I was pregnant with McKynzie and said I would tutor for half the year and maybe the whole year as I was not aware how things would be after she was born, due to all babies are different. Last year was a good year and Donovan loved Classical Conversations but I was still learning a lot about it. Fast forward to this school year. Julia who is in twelfth grade Jonathan who is in ninth grade asked to be homeschooled and so we went with Classical Conversations as we were doing it for Donovan and Malachi and after both high school children looked at it they were excited to do it. Our community was really short on tutors yes I had signed up to be a tutor and then my husband signed up to be one as well since we needed one more and no one was stepping forward. We are both thankful for the opportunity that he was involved as it gave both of us amazing insight together as a team into the program. A month into the Challenge (Challenge is the middle and high school) program we pulled both of our high school children out for many reasons. Let the little ones keep going till the end of the first twelve weeks and they are not going back this semester. 

Some of our big reasons are they don’t have God as the center of their program like they say they do. Having kids memorize and study so much in the greek and roman gods we were not happy with. That got my husband and I looking at things in the younger years as well we are not seeing the learning being brought back to the Bible and it’s not what we are wanting for our children. Another thing is the older children are to do so much work what there is not much room for field trips to do as a family or a community with the older children without them having to do school on the weekend, and maybe some families that’s okay but for us we don’t want to take away our children’s weekend as we do things as a family or let them really use their imagination. If you look at how much it costs and how things look it’s like a homeschool MLM. In the high school you have to do what they have it’s not you are the teacher and can pick what curriculum is best for your child or if they already have done that have them do it again. I’m sorry I don’t agree with that if my daughter would like to do something else, but I got push back. Another thing they ask you to do an hour per class for the high school children. I’m sorry I don’t agree with having to have my child sit and do each class for an hour a day and we still have other things to do for electives to be able to graduate. In addition to that I would like to do things my kids want to learn and not force them to do things they would rather if it’s not something that is needed to graduate and where is time for family and or teaching of other children. For us while it was a lot of money spent and some people may think wasted, my husband and I choose to thank God for the knowledge of the program so that I was able to make the best decision for our family before we invested so much time. So what does that mean as we spent so much money and only a little over a month into everything what are we going to do? God has laid something amazing on our hearts that we have started the thought process and getting things going so stay tuned in for that exciting information! We are working on something that we feel God has laid on our hearts stay tuned to hear more this coming year.

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