• Young Living Order for Feb 2022

    Yes this is in March, but that’s the hard part at times it may take a month for me to get some of my packages due to living overseas as a military spouse. One big positive thing about things taking longer time to reach me is that it feels like Christmas with every package since I forget what i ordered at time.

    So what did I get this month? Some items are things that I order monthly on what is call essential rewards ( ER) with Young Living and other things I add to my ER order. I also have Theives 15ml, Lavender 15ml, Peace and Calming and Life 9 on my ER. Why do I have these three to come every month you may be wondering. Theives is good for so many different things and I use it for cleaning, making things, diffusing and so much more. Lavender when I first started a little over 7 years ago with Young Living I was told and quickly learned for myself that Lavender is like the Swiss Army of essential oils. For this reason we really do use it for more ways that I can list but we always have it on hand even in the diaper bag I have a bottle just because you never know when you may need it. Peace and Calming is Jonathan and Malachi’s favorite oil and they like to defuse it every night to wind down and get a amazing nights sleep. The last thing that is always on my order is Life 9. Life 9 is a pro and prebiotic that I take every evening before I go to bed. I also ordered sulfurzyme why you might ask well I started working out almost a year ago and I also have some health things that after some research and asking some friends that use it I decided to try it for myself. Things that sulfurzyme helps to support joint health, recovery time of joints after exercise, bone health, immune system, hair, skin and some other things. So I decided to try it out. Something that I ordered for myself was the ART skin care system. Where we live my skin has been drying out and I wanted to really have something to take care of my skin well. I used it before and I was looking for something local and I did not find anything that i would have liked I can’t believe that i didn’t think of ordering it sooner, but I am thankful that I did. I am very excited to start using it and having healthier skin again. The last thing that I placed on my order is Ningzia Red. This is something that I try to remember to take daily along with the little boys who love taking it that is when I remember to give it to them since they are sometimes not in the kitchen when I drink mine. Ningzia Red is definitely something you will want to drink when cold. I have tried it room temperature and it was not as delicious as it is when refridited. After my order I did receive some things for free because of my purchase due to being on the ER program. Geranium is great for your skin and many other things and it smells delightful. Ylang Ylang it smells wonderful and some things that you may want to defuse it for are to help battle self-esteem, lack of confidence or your skin. There are a lot of reasons and why’s to use Ylang Ylang, what are ways you may enjoy it? The next thing I received was Lavender Bath Bombs this is something I have never ordered and I am excited to relax in the bath with one. I am sure as soon as the children see these they will want to have a bath with them as well. Have you ever used them? What are your thoughts? Elemi is another thing that I received that I have never used before from things that i have researched it’s great for your skin and can be used if you don’t have Frankincense on hand or Myrrh. Very excited about this one as Donovan’s favorite oil is Frankincense. I also received a beautiful pink oil dropper bottle that I can make my own blend in to use and I really enjoy making my own blends.