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2020-2021 School Year

This school year has been new for us with adding a new baby to our family and we started something new called Classical Conversations. With starting something new I was of course all excited but also nerves as I had no clue what to do. With having new clue what to expect I did a lot of research and then I also signed up to become a foundations tutor. What is a foundations tutor you maybe wondering well first foundations is from ages four through nine or twelve some kids move up around nine but they can stay in foundations till twelve. All of these ages are broken up into smaller groups. In these smaller groups you have a tutor that will teach the new memory work for the week to the children along with the parents. This is not a drop your kid or kids off type of program all of us parents work together. Each week you will learn the new memory work, science time as well as fine arts and then a review from what you learned from past weeks. I was really excited about doing CC but was very unsure how Donovan would do how he would like it, if he would be comfortable would this really be the thing for him? Fast forward to the end of the year well almost we have one more week left. He loves it and is really sad that we only have one week left. Donovan asked me “mama why are we stopping? Why don’t we just keep going?” I had to explain to him that CC is only twenty-four weeks long and then we break for a few months and then we will go back and learn new things. While we are really sad to be ending both Donovan and I are really thankful that we were able to do CC this year learn more about it and see that it is really an amazing fit for Donovan. 

For language arts we kinda changed a few times before we found something that I saw was fitting for him. We started with Master Books and that was easy for him as it was a lot of what we did the year before with Abeka and he was just not enjoying it as much. I then started How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons. This book was recommend to me by a good friend that used it for two of her children. Since Donovan has a hard time learning to read I thought let’s try this, well it didn’t work out so well and I think it was because we already started learning to read with other methods. The way they make letters small when they are to be silent or they blend the letters together when they are a blend just confused him. So then I purchased The Good and The Beautiful we are a little over half way through with level K and he is loving it I am loving it. Donovan is slowly getting his love for books back and for that I am so excited. We are a little over half way with level K and we will finish it before next school year. As a mom I am so excited to see my son being able to read the small books and how he is just getting it slowly. 

We did Abeka math this year and it was been great. To be honest I did look at other options thinking I needed to change but I Donovan is doing so well with it why change what is working right..

So what’s for next year you ask, what are you going to do over the summer so things are not forgotten stay tuned. 

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