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Baby is Here

Our baby girl was born January 28th of this year and what a blessing she is to our family. If you were not aware my husband and I were done having children well so we thought, but last May we found out that God was not done with us having children and blessed our family. McKynzie was born a week and a half early. I went into labor on my own in the middle of the night I told my husband around 8 o’clock in the morning that I think we should go to the hospital so that we can go through everything such as covid tests, them checking me to make sure I was in labor ext. By the time we were done with everything I only was in the labor room for about two hours before McKynzie was born. She is just amazing the only thing has been mama learning life with six children and how to fit all the things in that I feel God has called me to do and at the same time still be the mother and wife He has called me to be. With covid we had to learn to take our own newborn photos and let me just say that it is not easy. When you see these beautiful pictures that people post or on pinterest it is not all that easy, it was fun taking pictures of baby girl and a little doggie was not happy that she was not the one in the camera spot light so she decided to lay down for pictures while we were changing McKynzie. So many great memories with taking pictures along with watching Malachi just love on his sister when we were concerned how he would do not being the baby anymore along with Holly learning and being okay with a baby in the home. Both Malachi and Holly love McKynzie so much they are very protective of her well meaning if she cries they run to her and tell me mama baby sister is crying get her. As for the other children they just love her as well.

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