Watermelon Volcano

It’s summer time but that doesn’t mean that we stop learning. Today the family did a fun summer science experiment that includes a yummy snack as well, bonus for all. You mostly have all of the things you need at home except for one thing. The yummy treat is a watermelon! First you cut a small hole at the top of the watermelon and then have fun scooping everything out. Then if you and the kids are so hungry that you just can’t resist a snack, enjoy your watermelon. Then depending on your children’s ages, you can send them to go and get baking soda, dish soap ( any brand), vinegar and if you would like pick your favorite color food coloring. We went outside for this so our whole family could see and we were able to do it before the rain storm came. First you need to add baking soda, about 1/2 cup, then a few pumps of dish soap, lastly you add the food color that your family choose. Donovan picked blue and Malachi picked green so we had 2 colors. I poured in some vinegar and the fun started. Our watermelon was a little big so it took a lot longer than we thought but it was a lot of fun for all from Malachi who is two years old to Julia our sixteen year old. It was not just fun for the kids Sean and I had fun doing this all together as a family. Time to look up some more fun hidden summer learning.

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